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Boris Kagarlitsky        ABOUT THE AUTHOR
       Boris Kagarlitsky works as a senior research fellow at the Institute of Comparative Political Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is the author of The Thinking Reed, The Dialectic of Hope, and The Mirage of Modernisation. When in 1987-88 non-Communist Party political activities became legal, he was among the first leaders of the so-called "informal groups" – the Federation of Socialist Public Clubs and later a coordinator of the Moscow People's Front. In 1990 he was elected to the Moscow Soviet (provincial parliament) where he served until the coup in 1993 when local Soviets were dissolved. Boris has also been arrested twice for his activism, once in 1982 under Brezhnev, and in 1993 under Yeltsin.
       Who is Boris Kagarlitsky?


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Publications in English (in Russian)


  • "The unfinished revolution", "Green Left Weekly", Nr. 296. 5 November 1997


  • "Russia: Five years of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation", March 19, 1998
  • Boris Kagarltisky's testimony on Sept. 10, 1998 to the Banking Subcommittee of the US Congress on the IMF and impact of structural reform policies on Russia.
  • "One Hundred Years of Reformism" by Boris Kagarlitsky. A review of Donald Sassoon, One Hundred Years of Socialism. Labour Focus on Eastern Europe, No. 60, 1998


  • "The Clinton Doctrine", April 1999


  • Something a Little Like Pluralism, "The Moscow Times", Friday, Mar. 2, 2001. Page 8
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  • People Don't Care About This Conflict, "The Moscow Times", Friday, Feb. 16, 2001. Page 8
  • Ruling Class Should Be a Bit Smarter, "The Moscow Times", Friday, Feb. 2, 2001. Page 8
  • Russia Needs A Pokemon to Call Its Own, "The Moscow Times", Friday, Jan. 26, 2001. Page 8
  • It's Trotsky and Bukharin All Over Again, "The Moscow Times", Friday, Jan. 12, 2001. Page 6
  • Civilians Must Live With NATO's Radiation, "The Moscow Times", Friday, Jan. 12, 2001. Page 9
  • Let Them Sing Songs, "The Moscow Times", Friday, Jan. 05, 2001. Page 7
  • Who Should Fear the Crisis?, "The Moscow Times", Friday, Jan. 19, 2001. Page 8

    About Boris Kagarlitsky

  • "Who is Boris Kagarlitsky?"
  • "The left in the New World Order", International Journal of Socialist Renewal, №4, 1995


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